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What is chi

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who left you feeling refreshed, buzzing or exhilerated? Or maybe you walked into a room after an argument and felt drained or stressed. Although these might sound like obvious emotional responses to situational circumstances, what you are also experiencing can be broken down to ‘Life Force Energy’. Energy is a word that many are afraid to explore, so it is only expected that Chi, Ki & Prana are even less understood. So what is Chi? Nowadays one may refer to good or bad ‘vibes’ more freely.

Being a holistic practitioner and to others who follow a similar approach, the idea that we are all connected via a collective consciousness – a vibrating energy that dwells within the universe, a bio-electric field that surrounds all living things and fuels our ability to live, breathe, move, repair, grow, and just be.

This history of universal life force energy is rooted in many ancient beliefs. Ki – Japanese, Chi – Chinese, Prana – Indian. These traditional belief systems see the importance in keeping the  body in balance by keeping a healthy, constant flow of Chi moving through the body. When there is low energy (chi depletion) or energy blockages (stagnant chi) the body manifests poor health with physical and emotional illnesses.

Holistic practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Massage work to reduce stress, improve bodily movement & function, and put focusing breathing techniques, to improve the flow of stagnant Chi – helping the body to come into balance and repair.

Hopefully this article has shared some light on the subject, and maybe this year you will know how to notice and to balance the lively or lifeless energy that surrounds you.

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