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Melissa’s Warm Bamboo massage is better than any other seated massage I have had in the past. I always look forward to the warmth on my shoulders!

O. Coates, High Wycombe, England


I offer therapeutic on-site chair massage packages to busines premises located in the Berkshire area. The treatment is carried out through clothing, with no oils required, providing efficient relaxation with minimum disruption. This has been a very popular and successful service to many corporations such as Virgin, First Direct, Nandos, 02, The Times, Heart Radio, ASOS.

Benefits to the Business

  • Demonstrates concern for well-being of staff
  • Encourages loyalty thereby reducing potential recruitment costs
  • Helps to improve motivation, productivity & concentration
  • Reduces likelihood of stress related sick days
  • An affordable way to revitalise the workforce
  • Reduces likelihood of work related injuries such as repetitive strain injury
  • Minimum disruption to the working day

These are just a few of the many benefits!

Benefits to Staff

  • A great stress buster!
  • Energising and mentally clearing
  • Promotes motivation & appreciation towards the company
  • A 15 minute massage has been evidentially proven to aid problem solving and creative thinking
  • Reduces muscle tension, stress, & helps assist better posture
  • Lowers pulse & blood pressure
  • Convenient & efficiently maximises your staff’s ‘me’ time
  • Enhances a sense of well-being


How the sessions work

Timings can be made flexible to your needs or you can book a full day package. Travel is charged at 45p per mile.

The Company pay a standard rate of £60 per hour or £30 per 30mins at a minimum of 3 hours per booking.
The Company pay a set rate of £330 which covers 6 hours approx 10-4 (includes a lunch break).


A popular choice using massage and accupressure to work the upper back, shoulder and neck.
Indian head can be invigorating or relaxing depending on your needs. The shoulder, neck, scalp and forehead are massaged to relieve headaches and eye strain, as well as clears clutter from the mind.
An innovative, deep and very effective treatment where the warmth of a warm bamboo can be felt through your clothing. Carried out on the back, neck and shoulders to melt away built up tensions.

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Where would the massage take place?

The massage can be carried out at your desk. However, it is recommended to enjoy the treatment in a clear, quiet space, away from your desk.

Will I be too tired to go back to work?

You would assume so, but in fact the treatment can leave you feeling invigorated, clear minded and recharged!

Will this alter my work appearance?

Your hair and face do not need to be touched unless you ask for a Indian Head Massage. Massage is carried out over work clothes with no oils used, however outer layers will be asked to be removed.

I have a health condition, am I suitable for this service?

Prior to treatment you will be asked to expand on any health conditions you may have before continuing to treatment.

I suffer from lower back pain, will this help?

The treatment is carried out on an ergonomically designed chair to target the mid to upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp. Lower back treatment is best treated on a massage couch.


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